The new multi-perpose portable sniffer SELMA Duo for walking and vehicle surveys (Methane + Ethane)
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Combined methane leak detection solution: managed laser scanner plus precision gas detector. The intergrated GPS gives you the precise location of the detecting leaks. Detects leaks in front and to the side of the driving path. Detection distance – up to 1000 m. Methane sensitivity – 5 ppm×m. Pergam is the manufacturer of the SELMA mobile gas leak detection system.
SELMA (Street Evaluating Laser Methane Assessment) is designed to search for gas leaks in urban environments. It is able to detect even a weak gas concentration moving at a speed of 60 km/h.

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SELMA advantages
Unrivaled detection accuracy
Successful combination
SELMA vehicle-based laboratory comprises two methane detectors: a remote laser scanner on the roof which detects leaks up to 150 meters away, and a bleeding high-sensitivity detector with a bumper air intake which detects gas directly in front of the vehicle.
High-speed survey
SELMA vehicle-based complex can survey up to 150 kilometers of urban infrastructure per one working day. This is ten times more than a foot patrol personnel could walk.
Quiet and safe
Scanning laser of the remote detector meets all safety standards and is absolutely harmless to humans and animals. A video camera without a laser target finder is used to aim at the living premises which will not disturb residents at all.
How It Works?
The laboratory consists of two independent detectors.

SELMA Roof is a laser remote detector mounted on the vehicle top and scanning the surrounding area for methane leaks within a radius of 150 meters.

SELMA MPB is a precision gas analyzer with air intakes mounted in the front vehicle bumper. It captures the lowest concentration of methane in the immediate vicinity to the vehicle. Both operate at speeds up to 60 km/h.

Detectors can be used both in combination (recommended), and separately.
360° leak detection
SELMA Roof is a remote laser detector on a rotary platform. It is mounted on the vehicle top to monitor gas leaks within a radius of 150 meters.

SELMA Roof features
  • Effective both during parking and while driving;
  • Scanning modes: directional (manual), circular;
  • Methane detection through window glass;
  • Laser radiation is safe for humans;
  • No special person required; a driver/operator is enough;
  • Built-in GPS receiver for accurate leak location;
High sensitive
SELMA MPB is a laser methane detector for local detection of the lowest gas concentrations. Air intakes are mounted at the bottom of the front bumper.

SELMA MPB features
  • Unrivaled sensitivity of 0.1 ppm;
  • Operates in automatic mode;
  • Effective for patrolling aboveground and underground gas pipelines;
  • Operates without loss of quality at a speed of up to 60 km/h.
  • Ideal for monitoring underground gas storages;
  • Can be mounted on any vehicle.
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