The new multi-perpose portable sniffer SELMA Duo for walking and vehicle surveys (Methane + Ethane)
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Highly sensitive gas leak detector back-pack system for walking
and vehicle surveys. The sniffer can be installed on any car in 5 minutes.

The SELMA Duo is an advanced leak detector capable of detecting methane and ethane without false alarming on other gases.

useful for
Gas Distribution
Gas Distribution
Gas Processing
Gas Compression
Transportation Gas Pipeline
Gas Distribution System

Transportation Gas Pipeline

Gas Distribution Station

Gas Processing Plant

Gas Compression Station

Gas Storage
2 in 1 Device
Highly sensitive vehicle sensor and handheld portable device. Detect methane while driving in a vehicle – use the extendable probe for pinpointing leaks.
for walking and vehicle surveys
How It Works?
Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometry (TDLS), enhanced by proprietary technology, is used for the measurement of CH4 and C2H6. SELMA Duo allows the measurement of target gas, based on contactless, near-infrared absorption. Self-contained modules have flow-through cells for extractive measurements. The proprietary lock-in technology and onboard digital signal processing unit run algorithms that compensate for drift phenomena, providing reliable and stable measurements for extended periods of time. SELMA Duo includes analog, digital data interfaces and digital output for state-of-the-art industrial connectivity.
SELMA Duo Advantages
Above-ground gas detection with sensitivity
in the ppm range
Android App
Smartphone/tablet application makes gas
detector operation simple and intuitive
Cloud Sync
Export reports via Bluetooth connectivity
Use wireless controller when smart phones and tablets are not available
Extendable Probes
for all types of surfaces
Route Mapping
GPS positioning data to within 50 cm
accuracy, even in highly developed areas
Light Weight
Backpack weight 4,5 kg only
Leak Finder App
Inspection control with your smartphone
Real-time display of methane and ethane levels in digital (ppm) and graphical form.
The ability to take a photo of the leak with one touch directly from the application.
Quick view of the GPS map of the covered route with marked leak points.
Convenient work with saved inspection data: view, share.
Leak Finder App
A new approatch to gas leak control
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