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Gas Pipeline Inspection Service

Aerial gas pipeline inspection for methane leak detection using the ALMA remote laser detector
For now, aerial inspection using a remote laser detector is the most accurate and fastest way to detect methane leaks at gas infrastructure facilities.
4 steps to result
Simple sequence of actions
Service order
You order GPI Service on the website or by phone +39 030 3531423.
Clarifying details
We contact you to clarify the details: time, location, facility length, permits.
We do our job
At the appointed time, we fly around the area along the approved route.
Detailed report
We submit a graphical report with the inspection results with GPS reference in a form convenient for you. Example report is below.
Inspection with an ALMA aircraft based laser detector is 20 times faster than from the ground.
The diode laser spectroscopy method used in our detectors is the most accurate to date.
We provide the customer with a comprehensive, informative report on the inspection with attached media files.
Highly qualified engineers provide inspection and reports.
We have completed over 400 inspections of various gas infrastructure facilities in around the world, identifying thousands of detections.
Each project is individual for us. We take into account and implement our customer’s requirements.
For you personally
Just the facts
Reasons to choose our GPI Service
Dozens of completed projects around the world
Mounting on any aircraft!
We have a wide network of partners who are aircraft owners. At your request, we will choose any type and size for a specific task.
Honest answers to important questions
What is the maximum allowable length of the pipeline for inspection?
We can inspect up to 372 miles (600 kilometers) of gas infrastructure facilities per working day using the aerial inspection service. A pipeline with a length of more than 372 miles (600 kilometers) is examined in several stages.
Can I install equipment on an ultralight Rotor Way EXEC 162F helicopter?
The ALMA G2 detector can be mounted on a Bell 206 helicopter and similar models. The new ALMA G4 detector can be installed on any helicopter using a certified bracket.
Does the leak detection accuracy depend on helicopter speed?
Yes. ALMA detectors operate at speeds of up to 62 mph (100 km/h) without loss of detection quality.
What is the algorithm for flying around an area?
The algorithm of flying around an area is set at discretion, based on the need to inspect specific points at the facility. This type of inspection is best of all carried out using UAVs, which can do this in a fully automatic mode.
What is the cost of an hour of major pipeline inspection?
Final cost of the service consists of many factors: equipment used, carrier, terrain, etc.
Does leakage accuracy depend on aircraft altitude?
Yes. Each device is designed for a specific gas detection limit length. You will find this information in the equipment technical specifications. The lower is the flight altitude, the higher the useful signal is and, as a result, the higher the sensitivity will be.
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