The new multi-perpose portable sniffer SELMA Duo for walking and vehicle surveys (Methane + Ethane)
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LANDFILl Methane Inspection Service

Landfill UAV inspection for anthropogenic methane emissions with our Laser Methane Copter with Downlink.
Landfill methane inspection with UAV LMC−DL is the solution
for effective and cost-efficient landfill gas monitoring.
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Service order
Please drop us as line or give us a call +1 425251−1483.
Clarifying details
We contact you to clarify the details: Time, location, acreage, permits.
We do our job
At the appointed time, we arrive on site and fly the pre-planned grids.
Detailed report
We provide a graphical report with the inspection results — including GPS references and time stamps.
Inspection by UAV-based laser detector is more cost-effective than aircraft-based surveys. Up to 400 acres can be surveyed in 1 day.
The diode laser spectroscopy method used in our detectors is the most accurate to date. Laser beam path up to 90 ft.
The flight path is set using Google Maps. We provide the customer with a comprehensive, informative report of the inspection with attached media files.
Highly qualified, Part 107 Certified Flight Engineers provide inspection and reports.
Laser-based natural gas detection system, sampling at 10 times per second coupled with customer-specific flight planning and automated mission execution.
Each project is individual for us. We design the project around your requirements and your specific geographical needs.
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