The new multi-perpose portable sniffer SELMA Duo for walking and vehicle surveys (Methane + Ethane)
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Intrinsically safe, battery-powered instrument for accurately measure leak rates at various natural gas components.
Hetek Flow Sampler sampl at a large flow rate to completely capture all the gas leaking from the component. By accurately measuring the flow rate of the sampling stream and the natural gas concentration within that stream, the gas leak rate is calculated in CFM or LPM.
System for Safety
The Hetek Flow Sampler is a field based, portable, battery-powered instrument designed to determine the volumetric flow rate of gas leaks or fugitive emissions around various above grade natural gas infrastructure such as pipe fittings, valve packings, and compressor seals.

Settings include facilities such as natural gas storage, compressor stations, pressure regulation stations, and industrial facilities.

Quick Operation Guide

Display information:
  • Date & time
  • Battery level
  • Sample Concentration
  • Background Concentration
  • Blower flow rate
  • Difference between 2 stages
  • Leak temperature
  • Quantified leak rate
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