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Aerial inspection of high-voltage power lines using a three-spectral camera on a gyro-stabilized platform
A comprehensive aerial inspection of power lines and distribution substations in ultraviolet, infrared and visible spectra will provide the most accurate information about the state of the network, will quickly detect even the smallest damage and prevent further serious accident in the line. This will save you significant money
4 steps to result
Simple sequence of actions
Service order
You order GPI Service on the website or by phone +39 030 3531423.
Clarifying details
We contact you to clarify the details: time, location, facility length, permits.
We do our job
At the appointed time, we fly around the area along the approved route.
Detailed report
We submit a graphical report with the inspection results with GPS reference in a form convenient for you. Example report is below.
The inspection is simultaneously in three spectra: infrared, visual and thermal imaging.
We use the best equipment from leading manufacturers (FLIR).
A comprehensive, easy-to-read report will provide you with comprehensive information about the status of a power line.
Each inspection is provided with a direct participation of our highly qualified engineers.
Since 2003, we have already inspected 200K+ kilometers of power lines around the world.
Each order is individual for us. We try to take into account and implement all customer’s wishes.
For you personally
Just facts
Reasons to choose our PLI Service
More about «Corona 350» Gyro-Stabilized Platform
Corona 350
3 in 1 Inspection
UV camera
Quickly detects and records the presence of corona discharges on high-voltage insulators (in daylight). The saved image will be referenced to GPS coordinates to accurately locate the fault.

Thermal imager
With it, you can view the power line elements in the ultraviolet spectrum of high sensitivity to determine points of exceeding the operating temperature range.

Full HD Camera
It will provide full visual control of integrity of all power line and distribution station elements recording video and photo materials with reference to GPS.
Dozens of completed projects around the world
Mounting on any aircraft!
We have a wide network of partners who are aircraft owners. At your request, we will choose any type and size for a specific task.
Honest answers to important questions
What is the maximum allowable length of the power line for inspection?
There are no restrictions on the length of the facility inspected. Up to 372 miles (600 kilometers) of lines can be inspected per day.
How many people perform the inspection?
Ground service specialist, pilot, and operating engineer take part in inspection flight. The exact number of specialists is determined after setting a specific task.
What is the cost of an hour of power line inspection?
Final cost of one hour of inspection varies depending on specific conditions and tasks.
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