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Pergam acoustic camera

Ultrasound camera able to pinpoint leaks of any gas, air and vacuum, detects corona discharges on power lines and transformer equipment. Industrial Acoustic Imager is suitable for use in explosion-proof scenarios in chemical and energy industry.
The device adopts the aluminum alloy shell, which is sturdy and durable, and can adapt to the complex and changeable working environment. Real-time sound image display, helping the detection of pressurized or vacuum leaks significantly faster compared to other previous methods.

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Industrial Acoustic Imaging Camera

Industrial Acoustic Imager is suitable for use in explosion-proof scenarios in chemical and energy industry.

High-Performance Microphones for Efficient Detection With ATEX Certification

128 digital MEMS microphones can provide exceptionally high sensitivity, sound resolution and detection accuracy, real-time audio-visual display, anti-jamming, help detection.

Leakage Assessment

By activating the leak measurement function, the camera continuously displays the amount of leaks and losses as well as the level of loss.

PD Detection & PD Type Identification

Partial discharges can be detected before more serious faults would occur, even before a thermal camera would detect them.

Analytics And Reports

Template-based processing and recording of data, waveforms,spectra,spectrograms is supported by CRYSOUND report analysis tool software, generating ISO 50001 compliant, editable protocols in Excel format.

Minimum settings

Acoustic Imager only needs to adjust the two parameters of the test frequency range and the test dynamic range to meet the vast majority of test requirements.

Internal storage

The device supports camera mode, video mode, and flexible on-site data recording. The test results can be quickly exported and reported. It can help enterprises to reduce losses caused by gas leakage, partial discharge and other accidents.
How It Works?
Ultrasound Camera allow you to see gas or compressed air emissions up to several meters away. The ultrasound camera uses 128 integrated sensors to locate ultrasound emitted by leaks of all types of gases and vacuum. Provides information in the form of a spectral image indicating the rate of leakage. Acoustic imaging technology uses the microphones array to scan and receive spatial sound waves, pinpoint the location of the sound source by the phase difference of the sound waves. Then superimpose optical information to obtain a 'sonogram' on device screen, which indicates the intensity of the sound by the colour of the image.
Certified for explosion protection in ATEX
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