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The ultrasound camera Ultra Pro uses 124 integrated sensors to locate ultrasound emitted by leaks of all types of gases and vacuum.
Distran develops the world first ultrasound cameras able to pinpoint leaks of any gas, air and vacuum. Leaks can be spotted from a safe distance, up to 100m away.

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NASA applies Distran to Pinpoint International Space Station air leaks
Revolutionizing Leak Detection
Ultra Pro Advantages
It precisely pinpoints leaks of any gas
Speed up inspection
Inspect your plant 10 times faster and instantly assess leak severity.
Keep workers safe
Detect leaks from a safe distance of up to 100m and reduce your exposure time to hazardous substances.
Increase reliability
Don’t miss any leak in your plant and ensure proper repair through effective reporting.
Reduce downtime
Perform inspection during normal operation without scaffoldings and save money right away.
How It Works?
Leaks generate ultrasounds
that cannot be heard by humans.
Ultrasounds: sounds that matter
Many processes create ultrasounds, such as gas leaks, partial discharges or mechanical defects. Ultrasounds are often the first indication that an element is starting to fail, well before heat/infrared emissions (if any).
From sounds to images
The surface of Ultra Pro is composed of dozens of sensors that are listening to the sound field. When an ultrasound wave hits the surface, the different sensors detect it at different times. These differences are used to locate the ultrasound sources and represent them as a picture. Ultra takes into account an unlimited number of simultaneous sources.
Blazing fast ultrasonic imaging
In a dozen of milliseconds, Ultra Pro is able to output an acoustic picture. This allows to locate ultrasounds in real-time and to catch the fastest events. Frequency filtering allows to discard sound sources that do not match the characteristics of a leak, resulting in selective detection.
From sounds to gas leak rate
In addition to locating the leak, Ultra Pro is able to estimate the flow escaping through a leak in liters per hour, based on the acoustic emission strength and the pressure difference at the leak. This allows the user to quickly asses the severity and the cost associated with the leak. Furthermore, the smallest detectable leak in the current environment is automatically displayed in real-time (patent pending).
Ultra Pro X — ATEX version is available now!
Real-time leak rate estimation to plan maintenance priorities
In Use
Used in more than 18 countries
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