2024 ANGA Annual Conference

2024 ANGA Annual Conference in Lexington

The 2024 ANGA Annual Conference is the premier annual event for the American Natural Gas Association (ANGA). ANGA is the trade association that advocates for the U.S. natural gas industry, representing companies across the natural gas value chain.

The ANGA Annual Conference brings together executives, decision-makers, and thought leaders across all aspects of the natural gas industry including pipelines, utilities, marketers, producers, and midstream companies. Participants come to network, strategize, and gain insight into key issues and trends shaping the future of natural gas.

The multi-day event features presentations from high-profile speakers, panel discussions with industry experts, concurrent breakout sessions tackling specific topics, roundtable workshops, and ample time for networking.
Key objectives of the conference include:

  • Discussing critical policy issues affecting the natural gas industry and strategizing advocacy efforts
  • Sharing perspectives on market dynamics, demand growth opportunities, and infrastructure needs
  • Showcasing new technologies and innovations across production, transportation, and end use
  • Exploring solutions to sustainability challenges like emissions reductions
  • Exchanging ideas across the natural gas supply chain
  • Meeting regulators and policymakers shaking the industry's regulatory environment
  • Networking and developing strategic partnerships
  • Methane Emissions Monitoring and Mitigation
The 2024 Annual Conference in Lexington is expected to attract around 1,200 attendees for event shaping the future of natural gas.

Join us in Lexington, at 2024 ANGA Annual Conference!