Distran releases the world’s first ATEX certified ultrasound camera for gas leak detection

Distran Ultra Pro X detects gas leaks of any gas type in industrial facilities. It pinpoints the location of the sound source — i.e., the source of the gas leak, from up to a 50-meter distance. Gas leaks from gases commonly found in power plants and oil and gas facilities such as hydrogen, methane and compressed air can all be found by Ultra Pro X.

As an ATEX certified ultrasound camera, the Distran Ultra Pro X represents a revolutionary technology for surveying areas with potentially explosive gases. Instead of scanning each potential point of leak, Ultra Pro X allows to detect leaks from a safe distance outside of hazardous areas and to inspect closer once the area is deemed safe. The ATEX certification allows operators to improve their safety.

Like Distran’s existing ultrasound camera, Ultra Pro X is a single handed ultrasound camera that captures ultrasounds emitted by gas leaks. The acoustic information detected from its microphones is overlaid in real-time onto an optical image obtained by a high-resolution camera, offering a clear pinpointing of leaks. The leak rate quantification is also indicated in real time, allowing users to classify leaks and prioritize maintenance operations. Looking for gas leaks is an essential task within industrial plants, to increase operators' safety to gas, ensure environmental safety and keep high availability.