The world's smallest diameter videoscope with articulation. Ultra-thin.
At just 2.4 mm diameter, the flexible insertion tube reaches inside almost any narrow or difficult to reach area that requires reliable and uncompromising visual inspection for defects.

Quick and accurate articulation
The IPLEX TX is a videoscope with the world's smallest diameter* and is equipped with an ergonomic, user-friendly scope articulation controller. The controller features excellent responsiveness and quickly and accurately navigates the scope tip inside narrow and intricate objects.

Unsurpassed abrasion resistance
The IPLEX TX insertion tube is protected with a special resin tube that features 200 times greater abrasion resistance than our conventional extra-thin fiberscopes. The durable insertion tube enables reliable inspections of casting and other metals that have rough surfaces.

Ensured dust resistance
The IPLEX TX is both dust and drip proof, and is designed to comply with IP55. This durable unit can perform reliable inspections even in harsh manufacturing environments.

Interchangeable scope system
The IPLEX TX has an insertion tube that can be easily interchanged in the field.