The HSMT-Compact is a light, small, and versatile manual one-axis encoded scanner. It can be used -with up to four probes- on plates and for circumferential scans on pipes as small as 4 in. schedule (4.5 in. OD). The scanner length can be changed and the frame can extend outside the limit of the wheels, providing a configuration that is well suited for hard-to-reach places such as pipe-to-component welds.

The HSMT-Compact completes the HSMT family. While the HSMT-Flex and HSMT-X03 are designed for construction welding inspection, the HSMT-Compact is designed for maintenance weld inspection.

HSMT-Compact Kit Includes:
  • Scanner frame with handles
  • Additional frame bars: 400 mm (16 in.) and 600 mm (24 in.)
  • Four magnetic, plastic-covered wheels
  • Waterproof, spring-loaded wheel encoder
  • OmniScan-compatible encoder with 5 m cable
  • Four 90° probe holder brackets
  • Four spring-loaded arms (SLA)
  • Four TOFD/PE yokes (31.75 mm)
  • Two phased array yokes (40 mm)
  • Irrigation tubing and accessories
  • Two metric/U.S. rulers
  • Hard carrying case

A typical configuration includes two phased array probes and a pair of TOFD probes, to comply with ASME code.

Other configurations include:
  • 1 pair of TOFD probes
  • 2 pairs of TOFD probes
  • 2 PA probes

Manual Water Pump Kit
Water pump is compatible with scanner umbilical cables. It can also be used with provided tubing. Includes tank, tubing, and Y-splitters (part number: OPIX105).

TRPP 5810 Remote Pulser/ Preamplifier
Four-channel 40 dB Remote Pulser/Preamplifier with LEMO® connectors to amplify probe and instrument output signals. Using the TRPP 5810 and composite probes enhances the S/N ratio in TOFD inspections.