The MapSCANNER is a completely new manual scanner designed with corrosion mapping inspection in mind. With it’s wide scanning capability and quick indexing system, the MapSCANNER is the perfect scanner for customer that want to jump into high production rate phased array semiautomated corrosion mapping inspection. The MapSCANNER can also be considered as an upgrade for current ChainSCANNER, thanks to its compatibility with the same links you may already own. The scanner can also be configured with magnetic wheels for inspection of ferromagnetic parts where chain links are not required. When combined with the HydroFORM or DLA phased array corrosion mapping solutions, the MapSCANNER is a very powerful tool to efficiently perform C-Scan imaging of remaining wall thickness and mid wall anomalies.

A verison of the MapSCANNER is also for use on ferromagnetic surfaces of 4 in OD to flat.

  • Two axis encoded scan.
  • Quick indexing system with adjustable keys.
  • Pass-through frame arch principle for greater scanning width.
  • Stabiliser wheels at both end of the frame bar.
  • Brake system.
  • Optional chain links which are mounted on bearing wheels coated with urethane for smooth rolling.
  • A pipe range with outside diameters from 4 in. to 38 in. (102 mm to 965 mm) for model using chain links.
  • A pipe range with outside diameters from 4 in. to flat (102 mm to flat) for model using magnetic wheels.
  • Spring-loaded probe holders that ensure good probe contact in any scanner position or orientation.