The MapROVER is a new addition to Olympus scanner product line. Thanks to it’s two motorized axis, the MapROVER will bring more productivity to the Olympus corrosion inspection solution. The MapROVER is different than what is done on the market. In fact, the control is completely done with the use of a touch screen remote control which prevents the need for a laptop or complex motor controller programming. When combined with the HydroFORM phased array corrosion mapping solution, the MapROVER is a very powerful tool to efficiently perform C-Scan imaging of remaining wall thickness and mid wall anomalies. When used with the OmniScan SX UT for conventional dual UT inspection, the MapROVER represents a very cost effective and simple option over the more complex systems available on the market today.

  • Four magnetic wheels that are motorized for constant data acquisition up to 147 mm/s
  • Motorized raster arm allowing 600mm scan width travelling at a speed up to 900 mm/s
  • Touch screen remote control with two joysticks allowing performing jog or constant encoded motion as well as two different choice of complete automatic raster scan patterns
  • Performs data acquisition using the OmniScan or TomoScan FOCUS instrumentation with less than five minutes configuration time.
  • Cable management system for increased reliability.
  • Emergency-stop button located on the scanner and on the power supply.
  • Divisible cable conduit umbilical offers cable protection and configuration flexibility.
  • Handle for scanner manipulation and umbilical attachment.