The HSMT-Flex™ scanner eases one-axis encoded inspection of circumferential welds on pipes. It comes equipped with four of our next generation probe holders, accommodating a total of eight probes with four optional probe holders.

Time is saved when switching and adjusting the probes and wedges thanks to the simplified probe holder design with toolless mechanisms and a vertical latching system. To achieve optimal efficiency and detection capabilities, phased array (PA) and conventional UT probes can be used.

Flexible and Stable Design
The scanner provides high stability while offering flexible configuration options:
  • Articulated frame enables it to fit on pipes as small as 4.5 in. OD (114.3 mm OD)
  • Spring-loaded arm applies optimal radial pressure for better wedge stability, providing consistent and reliable data acquisition
  • Magnetic wheels covered with pliant plastic hold firmly onto ferromagnetic surfaces and help ensure smooth rolling with minimal operator effort
  • Slidable side frame enables probes to be mounted on the side of the scanner for hard-to-reach places such as pipe-to-component welds

Redesigned for Simplicity
The new generation probe holders enable easy probe and wedge manipulation, stable probe positioning, and constant coupling:
  • Toolless probe switching
  • Adjustable to different wedge sizes
  • Vertical latching system to ease probe and wedge changes and handling
  • Adjustable pressure for the wedge on the pipe’s surface

Reliable PAUT Data Acquisition
Supporting up to four conventional UT or phased array probes, or eight probes with additional optional probe holders, the HSMT-Flex scanner enables reliable data acquisition on girth welds:
  • Articulated frame optimizes probe contact on pipes
  • Four plastic-covered magnetic wheels maintain a firm hold on ferromagnetic pipes
  • Independently positioned and spring-loaded probe holders help ensure optimal pressure
  • Optional battery-operated laser guide
  • Waterproof spring-loaded encoder provides a 12 step/mm resolution
  • Eyelet to attach the umbilical cord out of the scanning path
  • Metric/US customary unit rulers for easy probe separation measurement

Easy-to-Use and Versatile
  • Compact and light aluminum frame
  • Adjustable frame bars enable you to customize the configuration
  • Covers a wide range of pipe diameters:
  1. Standard probe holder kit inspects pipes 12 in. (304.8 mm) OD and up
  2. Optional pivoting probe holder kit inspects pipes from 4.5 in. (114.3 mm) to 12 in. (304.8 mm) OD
  • Removable handles for lower profile
  • Integrated water manifold simplifies couplant distribution