BondMaster 600

High Performance through Intuitive Operation
The BondMaster® 600 delivers a powerful combination of multiple mode bond testing software and highly advanced digital electronics, providing consistently crisp and high-quality signals. Whether you are inspecting honeycomb composite, metal-to-metal bonds, or laminate composite, the BondMaster 600 offers exceptional ease-of-use thanks to its direct-access keys and streamlined interface that features convenient presets for common applications. The enhanced user interface and simplified workflow of the BondMaster 600 offers archiving and reporting that are accessible to any level of user.

The resolution and brightness of the 5.7-inch VGA screen on the BondMaster 600 handheld bond tester becomes even more apparent when switched into full-screen mode. Activated by the simple touch of a key, the full-screen mode is always accessible regardless of the display mode or inspection method you are using. The BondMaster 600 bond tester is programmed for a range of standard inspection methods, including pitch-catch RF, pitch-catch impulse, pitch-catch swept, resonance, as well as a notably improved mechanical impedance analysis (MIA) method.

Portable, Lightweight, and Ergonomic
The ergonomic design of the BondMaster 600 is convenient for difficult-to-access inspection locations. For inspection in tight spaces, the factory-installed hand strap provides maximum comfort while maintaining access to the most critical functions.

Field Proven
The BondMaster 600’s case, based on a rugged, field-proven design, is world-renowned for withstanding the harshest, most demanding inspection conditions. The BondMaster 600 with its long battery life, airtight and water-resistant enclosure, high-friction bumpers, and dual-duty support stand/hook is a valuable tool for challenging inspection jobs.

Key Features
  • Designed to meet the requirements of IP66.
  • Long battery life (up to 9 hours).
  • Compatible with existing BondMaster probes (PowerLink) and probes from other manufacturers.
  • Bright, 5.7-inch color VGA display.
  • Full-screen option in any display mode.
  • Intuitive interface with application-specific presets.
  • Instant display mode toggle using the RUN key.
  • New SCAN view (profile).
  • New SPECTRUM view and Frequency Tracking feature.
  • Direct-access key gain adjustment.
  • All-Settings configuration page screen.
  • Up to two real-time readings.
  • Storage capacity of up to 500 files (program and data).
  • On-board file preview.