Pergam TM19

Pergam TM19 combines advanced technology such as thermography human temperature detection algorithm and AI intelligent face tracking to make the equipment accurate and easy to use.

The TM19 equipped with various powerful functions. Multi-target tracking can ensure that no targets are missed. Custom warning zones and high-temperature shielding settings can avoid interference from other high-temperature objects. When detect the febrile people, it supports automatic warning, tracking and photo taking for storage. Support video recording. Convenient to query and classify management. Pergam TM19 is the ideal equipment for epidemic prevention in public places such as airports, stations, factories, schools, commercial centers and more.

  • Adopts 400x300 infrared uncooled Vox detector.
  • Automatically focus on a passenger's face and sound an warning when a person with a fever is identified.
  • Accurate single-point and multi-point high temperature tracking and warning.
  • AI deep learning algorithm based on neural network, more accurate temperature detection and lower false warning rate.
  • Equipped with black body, real-time temperature calibration, higher accuracy.
  • Stand-type, easy to deploy, standard PC with powerful analysis software.

Large-scale temperature screening of airports, railway stations and more. to control and reduce the spread of virus with fever symptom, such as Novel Coronavirus , Ebola, SARS and Zika, …

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