Pergamed Barrier

Unique Functional
  • In automatic mode, it measures the temperature of all people in the camera's field of view. Regardless of the density and intensity of the flow.
  • Works without blackbody (absolutely black body).
  • Operating range — 12 m.
  • Response time — 0,5 s.
  • Face recognition system eliminates false and repeated operations.
  • A photo of the patient is automatically saved in the database and printed on the printer. Also, a video clip is stored on the disk with the trajectory of the object.
  • Access to the system from mobile devices based on Android OS.

  • Train stations and terminals
  • Checkpoints
  • Schools
  • Enterprises
  • Medical institutions
  • Livestock farms

Why «PERGAMED-Barrier»?

The surface temperature of a healthy person is variable. Its value is highly dependent on environmental conditions and ranges from 26 °C to 37 °C.

Thanks to our unique data processing algorithm, the complex «PERGAMED-Barrier» allows to compensate for the environmental impact. The system automatically collects statistics and monitors the temperature dynamics of the flow of people, on the basis of which it determines the value of the reference (reference) body temperature of a healthy person.

This allows you to use the device in a fully automatic mode, without using the reference «absolutely black body» (blackbody), and also eliminates false alarms.

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