HIGIA fever screening solution

This system is based on the IEC international standard and ensures early detection of fever (over 37.3 degrees), which can help screen for possible cases of individuals with COVID-19, and thereby avoid the spread of the virus. HIGIA is SENSIA’s advanced solution for reliable fever detection based on thermal imaging. This solution has been developed as SENSIA’s response to the SARS COVID-19 worldwide health crisis to help to mitigate its impact by reducing the number of infections providing early detection possibilities.

This new fever detection solution for intelligent temperature measurement of people is based on SENSIA's Redlook software. This screening monitoring tool allows to automatically detect and alert the person who stands out from the rest by an abnormal body temperature. HIGIA can be integrated with third-party control systems as access control systems for an additional level of security.

The HIGIA solution consists of 3 main elements

Higia thermal camera
High precision infrared camera based on a high sensitivity uncooled detector. HIGIA complies with the IEC 80601-2-59:2019 standard. This screening monitoring tool allows to automatically detect and alert the person who stands out from the rest by an abnormal body temperature.

Temperature reference device
Field box with a low emissivity surface at a controlled temperature of 37 ºC (configurable). This device provides a temperature reference, controlled by a PID, to calibrate the camera in real time to achieve the best precision in every measurement.

Control and visualization PC
With the RedLook software application installed. Low resources computer required. The HIGIA Fever Screening functionality of RedLook analyzes every subject's temperature and compares it to the previously specified threshold. If the subject's temperature is above the threshold an alarm is generated.

Fever Screening
RedLook is implemented in SENSIA's line of fixed systems for 24/7 monitoring. This comprehensive monitoring system presents innovative capabilities assembled under a single control software.
Higia performance lets RedLook to enable exhaustive monitoring and real-time alerting. Our software is highly versatile, allowing to configure several Regions of Interest (RoI) within the area to be monitored. And to each one of them, any functionality can be assigned, granting a total and safe surveillance of the installation.

  • Fever Screening
  • Automatic temperature control system based on high accuracy thermography with real-time closed loop calibration;
  • RedLook Software
  • Compatible with all the RedLook functionalities and integrable with third party systems (VMS, DCS, etc.);
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • When unattended, automatically generates an alarm if a subject has an abnormal temperature. Recovery mode to visualize the alarm events;
  • Alarm Log Reporting
  • Automatic report generation with metadata linked to every analysis for easy tracking;
  • Standard Compliance
  • IEC 80601-2-59:2019 standard for infrared screening thermographs.

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