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LMF for Fix-Wing
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LMF for Fix-Wing

The Laser Monitoring Fixed Wing (LMF) is a sensor which is used for remote detection of methane. Remote methane detection. Natural Gas Detection UAV.

Laser Methane Fix-Wing (LMF) detector

LMF is a remote laser detector designed for installation on aircraft-type unmanned aerial vehicles. Laser Methane Fix-Wing (LMF) detectors provide an alternative to the more sophisticated and expensive ALMA detectors. They are intended for inspection of small lengths and areas of gas infrastructure facilities. The Laser Monitoring Fixed Wing (LMF) is a sensor which is used for remote detection of methane utilizing a laser beam and is installed on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

It allows for measuring of total methane content along an optical path of the laser beam from the device to any ground-based object. Remote detection can be made from distances up to 328 feet, by measuring absorption of the laser by the methane. LMF may be applied for remote monitoring of natural gas pipelines including other gas facilities where leaks may be suspected.

LMF useful for

Underground Gas

Gas Distribution

Gas Processing


Gas Compression


Natural Gas Storage

Features and Benefits

  • Full automation;
  • Detects faster than conventional method (detection speed: 0.1 sec);
  • Can be installed on any UAV capable of flying at a speed of up to 62 mph (100 km/h);
  • Methane-only sensitivity. No false alarms;
  • User-friendly software;
  • Archives data for the entire period of operation;
  • Automatic calibration and self-check during the operation;
  • Online data downlink capability;
  • Automatic time synchronization by GPS / GLONASS. Report with all necessary information (time, leak concentration, coordinates, image of the leak from built-in Full HD camera).

Principle of Remote Gas Detection

LMF is based on the utilization of laser absorption spectrophotometer of methane gas for gas measurement. The system detects natural gas leaks by emitting a laser beam at a particular wavelength and analyzing the light reflected from an object to determine how much was absorbed by the methane in the natural gas.

The measured gas volume is expressed by methane column density (ppm × m): methane density (ppm) multiplied by length (m). The Optical Unit (OU) of the LMF detector is installed on a gyro-stabilized platform so that the laser beam is continuously directed towards pipelines and other natural gas facilities.


Maximum detection range up to 328 feet (100 meters)
Threshold sensitivity:  
from a distance of 98 feet (30 m) 10 ppm×m
from a distance of 164 feet (50 m) 20 ppm×m
from a distance of 229 feet (70 m) 80 ppm×m
from a distance of 328 feet (100 m) 150 ppm×m
Real-time data transmission yes
Writing data to device memory yes
Maximum drone speed during operation 100 км/час
Built-in GPS receiver yes
Laser wavelength 0.065 mil (1.65 μm) (safe for humans)
Operating temperature 14 ... 104 °F (-10 ... +40 °C)
Power supply on-board source 12 V
External unit dimensions 5.11 x 3.74 x 5.51 in (130 × 95 × 140 mm)
External unit weight 3.74 lb (1,7 kg)

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