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Compact and Portable Methane Gas Detector. Capable of Detecting Methane anywhere in an Easy and Accurate Way. Target gas‎: ‎Methane (CH4). Detection speed‎: ‎0.1 seconds.

LMm – Portable Methane Gas Detector

Handheld laser detector for fast and safe detection of methane leaks at a distance of up to 30 meters. The new Laser methane mini (LMm) is capable of remotely detecting methane and other gases containing methane (natural gas or similar). It can quickly detect gas leaks or accumulated gas fom a remote location by pointing a laser beam at the target. The new LMm has been dramatically improved from its previous model and can now be used in coal mines, has lower power consumption enabling longer continuous operating hours, and a wider operating temperature range.

Principle of measurement

Laser Methane is based on the utilization of a laser-absorption spectrophotometer of methane gas for gas measurement. The system detects natural gas leaks by emitting a laser at specific wavelengths and analyzing the light reflected back from the ground to determine how much was absorbed by the methane in the natural gas. The measured gas volume is expressed by the methane column density (ppm -m): methane density (ppm) multiplied by the thickness (m).

Laser Methane mini useful for

Gas Distribution

Gas Storage

Gas Distribution


Gas Processing

Gas Compression

Gas Storage


LMm Gas Detector

Difficult to reach areas

Accumulated gas clouds in commercial and industrial facilities are commonplace. The Laser Methane mini allows for remote detection, removing the need for ladders, scaffolding or aerial platforms.


Additional technology features

  • Detects faster than conventional methods: Detection speed = 0.1 second;
  • Easy to use: Simply point the laser beam towards the suspected leak or along the survey line;
  • Automatic self-calibration on start-up;
  • Can detect methane through windows;
  • Methane-only sensitivity; no false reports;
  • Triple alert options: audible alarm, visual display and flashing LED.

Typical applications include

  • Emergency response;
  • Industrial and commercial property surveys;
  • Gas processing plants;
  • Landfill monitoring;
  • Distribution pipeline surveys;
  • Transmission pipeline surveys;
  • Refinery surveys;
  • Mining operations.


Detection gas Methane (CH4)
Detection range 1 ~ 50000 ppm×m
Detection accuracy ± 10 % (100 ~ 1000 ppm×m)
Detection response time 0,1 s
Detection distance 1,64 – 98 feet (0.5 ... 30 m)
Detecting laser  
laser wavelength 0.067 mil (1653 nm)
output power 1 mW (Class 1) or less
Laser pointer  
laser wavelength 0.026 mil (650 nm)
output power 1 mW (Class 2) or less
Explosion safety  
device II 2G Ex ib op-pr/op-is IIA T1
battery unit II 2G Ex ib IIA T1
Electromagnetic compatibility CE marking according to EMC directive (EN61326)
Operating temperature 1.4...122 °F (-17...+50 ºC)
Operating humidity 30 ... 90 % RH (non-condensing)
Overall dimensions (width x depth x height) 2.75 x 7 x 1.65 in (70 x 179 x 42 mm)
Weight 1.37 lb (600 g) or less (including battery unit)
Power supply Battery pack
Battery life per charge 5 hours or more (at 77 °F / 25 °C)
Bluetooth interface SA3C32A-BE only


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Pergam Italia

Via della Volta 183
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Tel: +39 030 3531423
Fax: +39 030 3469939

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